Wilson Pro Staff 97 ULS Tennis Racquet


48 KD 68 KD

*This Racquet is Unstrung - Strings and stringing charged separately

Go beyond your limits, make your matches last a long time, punish your opponents and play great on the court thanks to this model that looks like Roger Federer's racquet.

Designed in collaboration with the master, Roger Federer, this black racquet with a purified design offers excellent feel thanks to the 9 layers of paint that combines a mat and shiny look for an unprecedented result. The black racquet is soft in the centre of the frame and this allows the Pro Staff to quickly penetrate in the air in order to attack the ball. Opt for the style and elegance of a legend with this model that possesses carefully detailed elements, such as exclusive laser marking, the face and the signature of Roger Federer in the interior of the frame and the premium quality Wilson grommets.

User Benefits : Manoeuvrability - Control

The Pro Staff 97 ULS is the lightest of the Pro Staff line and this will be ideal for players who are looking to evolve in touch within the interior of the court thanks to the comfortable racquet that will allow you to control your shots and hit precise areas of the court. 

Young players with a good level should be able to improve quickly with this model because this racquet forces you to have good technique. 
This racquet possesses a small head size and a squared beam that will allow you to master trajectories and depth in order to enhance consistency. The 18 x 16 string pattern is relatively open and is provided with Spin Effect technology in order to allow you to hit topspin, yet easily access power.

The head size of 626 cm² is relatively demanding and the light weight (270 gr) requires precise footwork and an ability to move forward into each shot in order to obtain great depth on your shots.

This light and stable racquet will be a major asset at the net and when there are changes of rhythm thanks to the 32.5 cm balance. 

Technology :

- Braided graphite : Frame in kevlar and graphite for less vibrations and to reinforce comfort and ball control.
- Spin effect : This technology truly accelerates ball rotation thanks to its' ability to put the strings quickly back into position and the increased string movement.

Type of Player :

- Young players with a good technical level who are looking for precision and an ability to hit topspin. 
- Players with an intermediate level who are looking for comfort and control.

Technical characteristics :
Technology Spin Effect / Braided Graphite
Composition Kevlar et graphite
Head Size  626 cm² / 97.03 in²
Weight unstrung 270 g / 9.5 oz
Length 68.58 cm / 27 in
Stiffness 64 RA
Balance unstrung 32.5 cm / 12.8 in
Beam Width 23 mm
String Pattern 18 x 16
Grip Wilson sublime
Stringing instructions 8T. 10T. 8H. 10H

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