PROMiXX iX Battery-Powered Vortex Mixer - Alpine White

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Battery Powered Vortex Mixer - Alpine White with Pacific Blue Detail

The shaker bottle has evolved. The PROMiXX iX Vortex Mixer offers style, sophistication and functionality. The athlete-tested, ergonomic design is complemented with an Alpine White finish and a battery-powered blunt-blade for a smooth shake in seconds.

2 x AAA Battery (included)

How to Use

  1. Fill PROMiXX iX with liquid (ideal fill =250-450ml/9-16oz)
  2. Push button to activate vortex
  3. Pour supplements into spinning vortex

Powerful supplements mixing at the touch of a button, the PROMiXX iX is the most advanced, battery-powered protein shaker in the world.

From the innovators of Vortex Mixing Technology comes the best battery-powered PROMiXX Mixer yet. Trusted by 500,000 users across the globe and endorsed by hundreds of elite athletes, PROMiXX is the only mixing bottle that matters.

Beautiful design and effortless functionality, the PROMIXX iX, incorporates an ergonomic mouthpiece and industry-leading seals. PROMiXX’s unique X-Blade Technology is designed to preserve micronutrient integrity for improved nutritional performance and better tasting health supplements.

Perfect for protein powders, whey, vegan, plant proteins, creatine, BCAA’s and other supplements, but also a handy kitchen appliance for whipping up milkshakes, baby formula, scrambled eggs, fluffy pancake batter, juices, cocktails, bulletproof coffee, and much more!




iX Lid


  • Patented lid
  • Contrasting City Grey finish
  • Integrated attachment loop
  • Enlarged ergonomic mouthpiece
  • Flip-cap with PROMiXX mouth seal
  • 100% leak-proof


iX Bottle


  • Produced in tough durable SAN copolymer, the bottle features a newly designed measuring scale, clearly indicating both ml + oz
  • BPA and DEHP free


iX Detachable Base


  • Twist-lock removable base unit
  • Double seal technology
  • Industry-leading seals
  • Splash proof 
  • City Grey finish



Beautiful Design Meets Serious Performance 

The Number 1 Health & Fitness Gadget of the Year features superior materials and finishes with a City Grey design and Pacific Blue details. The PROMiXX iX features industry-leading power and torque, advanced electronics, and PROMiXX’s revolutionary X-Blade technology to pack a serious punch.


PROMiXX Vortex Mixers Changed the Game

Effortless mixing at the touch of a button… PROMiXX Vortex Mixers mark an evolution from conventional shaker bottles. While others have tried to imitate, PROMiXX’s innovative X-Blade design and Vortex Mixing Technology result in products truly in a class of their own.

Elite-athlete tested, tried and approved, PROMiXX Vortex Mixers have been shown to provide superior mixing results to conventional shaker bottles. With industry-leading seals and impact and odour-resistant materials, the PROMiXX iX is a blender bottle you can trust, without the mess. The City Grey design offers a premium, durable finish. The detachable motor unit allows for easy cleaning and, above all else, effortless mixing.





PROMiXX is freely endorsed by thousands of Elite Athletes and Sports Professionals and used by 500,000 loyal PROMiXX customers Worldwide. You can trust the PROMiXX patented X blade and Vortex Mixing Technology to properly and effectively mix your supplements.

Super-Smooth Shakes on the Go

Designed for convenience and quality, the PROMiXX iX is perfect for those with a busy lifestyle. A vortex mixer that you can take with you so that your supplements can be properly mixed with no mess and on the go for super-convenience.

Innovation over Imitation

Designed in the UK, PROMiXX are the inventors of Vortex Mixing Technology and the global leading Vortex Mixer brand. Where others try to imitate, PROMiXX continues to innovate, educate and inspire. Join millions of people worldwide that refuse to settle for anything less than PROMiXX.


Simple Self-cleaning - 1. Add warm water and detergent; 2. Activate Vortex for 5-10 seconds; 3. Remove base unit and rinse bottle.

DO NOT use a scourer or abrasive sponge. NOT dishwasher safe.

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