Precor Shoulder Press (Plate) Commercial Use


1,470 KD

DPL 550

The Discovery™ Series Plate Loaded Line Shoulder Press has independent movement and converging pushing angles to increase the range of motion of the exercise. Oversized handles make pressing exercises more comfortable by spreading the load over a larger area of the user's hand and the easy seat adjustment means a broad range of user heights can be accommodated. Four weight horns provide storage for over 600 lbs. of plates.




The Shoulder Press features a counter balance that provides a low starting weight, allowing novice lifters more options.



Ergonomic Design

The seat angle and adjustments allow for proper user positioning that ensures alignment of weight with joints for stabilization under lifting load.



Oversize Handle Size

The 1.5" diameter of the handles allows for reduced pressure on the user's hands, decreasing the chance of strain and injury.

Equipment Dimensions and Weight


57 inches / 144 cm


60.5 inches / 153 cm


62 inches / 157 cm

Equipment Weight 

310 lbs / 141 kg

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