Battling Rope - 10 m (Used)

84 KD

The battling rope provides a dynamic training of the whole body, engages many muscle parts and allows you to keep full mobility in the joints.

The specially designed rope ends not only allow for a secure grip, but also protect the rope from unraveling. In addition, the appropriate rope braid, thickness and number of weaves provide it with perfect elasticity. Another advantage of the training rope is that it is braided with 8 wires, which guarantee dynamics, as well as total resistance to weather conditions and humidity.

Advantages of battle rope:

  • It helps to burn huge amounts of calories
  • Offers versatile strength and high dynamics
  • Increases endurance and speed
  • Improves efficiency and coordination
  • Complement to functional training
  • Everyone can exercise regardless of their age


material: polypropylene
length 10m
diameter - 50mm
weight - 9kg
purpose: fitness training, motor preparation, crossfit training, gymnastics, martial arts, etc.

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