Alex Bulgarian Bag - 22 Kg


38 KD

Alex Bulgarian bags are perfect for use in functional class training or in a P.T environment. The main handles are the two hold points which taper out toward the end of the bag and are used for swinging and spinning motions. The exterior handles are three tube-like protrusions wrapped in goat skin that sit on the outer top of the bag, the center handle is set between the two outer handles. The exterior handles are primarily used for grip strength and upper body exercises. They are used to stabilize the bag on the shoulders during lower body workouts, and as grasping handles for arm exercises.

This bag is perfect for use in functional class training or in groups. The various handle options mean there are a multitude of exercises to work your grip. The vinyl construction means it is easy to keep clean and makes it ideal for high frequency use. The Bulgarian bag is a fitness tool of the next generation. Being a movement based piece of equipment. It incorporates all primal movement patterns that mimic natural movements. What makes the bag unique is that it's one of only a few exercise tools that cover all planes of movement under load. It's a functional training tool that creates power and neurological integration. 

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