Beverly Nutrition Hydrolyzed Zero Whey - 2 kg

34 KD

Chrome Series. HYDROLYZED WHEY PROTEIN PROFESSIONAL ZERO  is the only anabolic formula to provide 42.5 grams of protein per dose.  U Sando raw material of high quality thus achieving an anabolic protein formula that actually contains 85% protein. Its chain of theminoácidos BCAA branched creates a flow amino acids that are absorbed by the muscle, potentially increasing growth, allowing the muscles to recover and grow faster, protecting the body from injury. Reinforced with  L-glutamine to strengthen the immune system and prevent muscle catabolism.

Hydrolyzed Whey Protein ZERO PROFESSIONAL  is designed so that after an intense workout muscle receives the suitable dose of protein immediately!

Uttiliza only hydrolyzate of isolated whey, this means that after the extraction process of the milk whey protein, the obtained isolated protein undergoes a new process called hydrolysis, this will break the complete protein peptide amino ready to be absorbed in small intestine. Our hydrolyzed using a special enzymes to break certain specific bonds in the molecule, thus generating a hydrolyzate without remains of substances derived from hydrolysis (salts), this process eliminates any trace of impurities without generating compounds affecting the color, taste and odor . Resulting in a hydrolyzed easily digestible and extremely delicio.

TAKES DAILY RECOMMENDED:  1-2 meters, depending on the athlete, on waking and post workout, diluted in 250ml to 300ml of water, milk or vegetable drinks.

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