Beverly Nutrition 100% Iso Whey - 2 kg

29.500 KD

Beverly Nutrition 100% Iso Whey Chrome Series

The Definitive Hyperpure Isolated Whey Protein. 100% ISO WHEY is the exclusive whey protein from BEVERLY NUTRITION that include the exclusive Anabolic Remix with Muscular Growth Agents. The Hyperpure Isolated Whey Protein is known around bodybuilding market as the best protein with the highest Biological Value and Biodisponibility Optimizing Nitrogen Retention. 100% ISO WHEY give you more amino acids, more vitamins and by first time exclusive Anabolic Agents for muscular growing and fat destroying.

- Maximum Biological Value.

- Maximum Biodisponibility

- Maximum Nitrogen Retention

- More Aminoacids

- More Vitamins

- Anabolic Grow Agents


- Protein 80 gr

- Carbohydrates 18 gr.

- Fat 2 gr.

- Calories 410 cal / 1742 Kj

Bottle: 4,4 lbs ( 2 Kg )

Flavor: Chocolate, Strawberry, Vanilla & Capuccino Coffee

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