Yonex Duora 88 Badminton Racket


45 KD

With DUORA’s cutting-edge technology, command the court with every single shot.

Huge forehands. Quick backhands.

The DUORA lets players do both with one revolutionary design.

“I feel like my arm is one with the racquet on both my forehand and backhand, so I can push faster at the net.” -- Lee Chong Wei


NANOMETRIC ß - Grounded in NANOSCIENCE, this material binds carbon fibres tightly together one-by-one without any gaps, for enhanced strength.
ISOMETRIC™ - The square-shaped ISOMETRIC frame shape is designed to keep vertical strings at a similar length, as well as the horizontal strings to produce an expanded sweet spot in all directions.
NEW Grommet Pattern - The single-pass grommet hole construction provides more grommet holes for a more high-performance stringing pattern.
AERO+BOX Frame - Combines solid hitting feel and quick swing.
Built-in T-Joint - Moulded deep into the layers of graphite where the frame connects with the shaft, the YONEX Built-in T-Joint creates a durable and high-strength one-piece frame that is torque-free.
Control Support Cap - The control support cap provides an 88% wider flat surface compared with an ordinary racquet for easier gripping, fast follow-through and the sharpest maneuverability.

Flex: Stiff
Racket Balance: Even Balance
Frame Composition: H.M. Graphite/NANOMETRIC β/SUPER HMG
Shaft Composition: H.M. Graphite 
Weight:  3U (Ave.88g) G4,5
Yonex Recommended Stringing Tension: 19-26 lbs

Made in Taiwan

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